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Thomas Keble School

Guitar lessons are on Tuesdays

Guitar and Ukulele lessons are during the school day and are available to students from all year groups, beginners to advanced. I teach a variety of  styles including acoustic, classical and electric guitar, ukulele and bass guitar. Students have the option to enter for grade exams with the main exam boards, including Trinity-Guildhall, Rockschool and London College of Music (LCM). I also provide support for students on BTech and GCSE music courses. Most importantly my aim is for students to  enjoy developing their guitar playing into an interest that will remain with them into their adult lives.


Lessons are arranged in three blocks of ten lessons throughout the school year.


10 individual 30 minute lessons = £150


All lessons subject to availability and fees paid in advance.

To contact me about guitar lessons at Thomas Keble School

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